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#10 envelope

Standard size envelope often used for business correspondence. Sometimes called a commercial or official style envelope.

1-to-1 Marketing

A method of managing prospect and customer relationships using highly personalized marketing materials. The concept of 1-to-1 marketing was promoted by Don Peppers and Martha Rogers in their book


A two-dimensional QR barcode; the dimensions are horizontal and vertical. 2D codes can store up to 7

2D Code

A two-dimensional barcode that stores information both horizontally and vertically. 2D codes can store up to 7


The parameters that define the choices that must be made to bring a product or service to market. First described by E.J. McCarthy in 1960


An expansion of the four Ps to include people


Abbreviation for author's alterations. Refers to changes made after a job has been submitted (such as changes in design

Accordion Fold

Two or more parallel folds that result in the sheet opening like a fan: also known as a Z or zigzag fold. Often used on brochures and maps.

Acid-Free Paper

Paper manufactured to comply with type 1 permanence on the basis of pH and alkaline filler. Acid-free paper is expected to last several hundred years.


A cross-platform document distribution program created by Adobe Systems

Action Device

The portion of a direct mail piece designed to promote reader involvement by having the reader perform a physical action such as pasting a stamp


Obtaining a customer's permission to communicate with them and collect their contact information.

Active Voice

A sentence construction in a sentence in which the subject of the sentence performs the action expressed in the sentence.

Additive Color

A color model in which red

Additive Color System

Also known as RGB
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LogoStacked Outline 2015


2230 Lake Avenue
Thornton, CO 80241


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